Michigan Counties Workers’ Compensation Fund Announces 2023 Grant Recipients Ensuring Employee Safety

LANSING, MI: In a continued commitment to employee safety, the Michigan Counties Workers’ Compensation Fund (MCWCF) proudly announced the recipients of its 2023 Loss Prevention Grants. Six deserving projects were awarded, totaling $15,700.65 in funds to enhance workplace safety across various counties in Michigan. The focus remains on initiatives that enhance employee safety and reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

The grants for 2023 cover a diverse range of safety measures, reflecting the MCWCF’s dedication to supporting its member organizations. From the repair of safety railings to the provision of specialized personal protection equipment for severe weather patrols, each initiative aims to create a safe working environment.

Here’s an overview of the 2023 grant recipients and their projects:

  • Branch County: The repair of safety railing around the Court House Building received approval, with a grant of $1,925.00
  • Delta County: Aiming for ergonomic excellence, the replacement of old office chairs with new Ergonomic Correct Chairs was approved, securing $1,229.95.
  • Huron-Clinton Metroparks: The police department in Huron Metro Parks is set to benefit from specialized personal protection equipment during severe cold weather patrols next winter, thanks to the $2,546.00 grant.
  • Oceana County: An extensive initiative encompassing ergonomic chairs, sit/stand systems, anti-fatigue mats, lumbar support, ergonomic keyboards, and mouse received approval, with a grant of $5,000.00.
  • Roscommon County: Armor Express Bravo Cut Traverse Extend Carrier for Sheriff Officers, a crucial addition to law enforcement gear, received $255.00 in grant support.
  • Livingston County: The purchase of CO Detectors for First in Scene for Paramedics 1st Responders was approved, ensuring that responders are alerted to potential lethal gas levels on entry. This project secured a grant of $5,000.00.

Building on the success of the 2022 grant program, which awarded over $8,500 to two Michigan counties, MCWCF Administrator Tim McGuire expressed enthusiasm for the ongoing initiative. “Our commitment to workplace safety goes beyond financial support. It’s about empowering individuals to recognize and address potential hazards in their work environment.” McGuire shared.

Unlike the previous grant structure, the 2023 program operates year-round, allowing members to submit financing requests at any time. A committee of three MCWCF trustees reviews applications and makes funding decisions based on specific needs or potential impacts on the organization.

“Risk management is an ongoing practice,” McGuire emphasized. “The year-round grant program allows us to respond promptly to safety needs identified by our members, reinforcing the proactive nature of risk management.”

The MCWCF’s commitment to safety has proven beneficial, with claims reductions playing a pivotal role. “The dividends returned to our members reflect the program’s success in reducing claims and promoting a culture of safety. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.” McGuire highlighted.

Launched in 2014, the Loss Prevention Grants Program has supported various safety initiatives, ranging from police officer vests to ergonomic desks. Since its inception, MCWCF has awarded more than $345,000 to its members.

MCWCF remains dedicated to providing competitive workers’ compensation insurance to public agencies throughout Michigan. Its membership includes counties, medical care facilities, housing commissions, transit agencies, villages, mental health authorities, and other specialty county or multi-county endeavors.