Fall is the Perfect Time to Visit Members in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Fall in Michigan is a magical time – beautiful trees, crisp air and radiant sunshine (we hope!) before winter arrives. Recently, we celebrated Michigan’s fall by taking a trip up north to celebrate some of our members in the Upper Peninsula. We may be on call 24/7, but our one-on-one, face-to-face time is still our favorite way to say hello and check in on our members. Thanks so much to the following members for allowing us to drop by and say hello!

  • Sherry DuPont, Memominee County Board of Commissioners
  • Cherie Gagnon, Delta Area Transit Authority
  • Dotty LaJoye, Central Upper Peninsula Planning & Development
  • Lynn Woelffer, Public Health, Delta and Menominee Counties
  • Christy Paul, Dickinson County
  • Dave Rivard, Kathy Blixt And Philip Strom, Delta County
Menominee County Courthouse
The beautiful and historic Memominee County Courthouse.
Administrator Tim McGuire with MCWCF Board Member Dave Rivard of Delta County.
Dotty LaJoye with Tim McGuire, Administrator of MCWCF
Administrator Tim McGuire with Dotty LaJoye of Central Upper Peninsula Planning & Development.
Kathy Blixt of Delta County, with MCWCF Administrator Tim McGuire
Administrator Tim McGuire with Kathy Blixt of Delta County.